Blame Canada

Canada is certainly getting lots of attention these days, and a bunch in the form of a very handsome Prime Minister. There is a certain wholesomeness that is radiating across the border from our Northern friends. Enter Provence Apothecary. This Canadian brand is rapidly becoming one of my go-to fixes and it’s all natural, organic, and the ingredients sourced from all the different provinces of Canada – of course!

Anyhow, I actually got hooked when I was handed a little tube of lip balm. It was winter and my lips were doing that thing where they are dry and cracking but you can’t stop licking them. I went home that night and swiped it all over my lips before I dropped into bed. Something I had been doing for over a week but to no avail. The next morning I woke up and brewed my coffee not even realizing my lips felt totally normal! Seriously, it worked overnight. That was the beginning of my journey with all natural products that actually work. I started to use them when I need a fix for a spot, dry skin or just needed to keep it simple. I love the Rejuvenating and Hydrating Serum first thing in the morning before I hit my Barre class. There is also this great facelift massage that the founder, Julie, formulated that is absolutely divine. (see the video below). I got so addicted I even branched out bravely to the Sex Oil. I’ll just leave that there but seriously folks…it’s just as good as everything else they do.

I guess it goes without saying that when you are doing a detox or just keeping it fresh and dewy this is the stuff so – blame Canada – for that glowing skin and maybe even a better sex life.

Full listing of Province Apothacary Products.

So here is a video on how it’s done! Believe me – your skin will thank you.


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