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Red Lipstick Under Your Eyes?


With us all being in lockdown I am finding more and more videos on makeup applications to watch and dissect.  The ones that are blowing my mind are with the red lipstick as an under eye color corrector hack.  Have you seen this??  The gist is that you take a coral to red lipstick and blend it under your eye before concealer and foundation to “correct” the darkness under your eye.  Hmmmmm…..

I hate to get too cranky about this but, stop, just stop and think.  First of all, many red lipsticks commercially available have pigments and dyes you don’t want around your eye.  IF you are using “clean” beauty brands you are a step ahead but even so that leads to problem number deux.  Your very delicate under eye is now going to have at least 3 to 4 layers of product.  Can we say “hello creasing?”  Now, in all fairness, if you are under 20 or are doing it for a single photo session then this isn’t a problem but for the bulk of us ladies this is just starting a problem that will unfurl like Cinderella’s pumpkin later that night. 

With all that said, let’s talk about what you can actually do about your dark circles. 

  1. Get rest
  2. Slow down on the red wine
  3. Drink more water
  4. Get your allergies under control if you have them
  5. INVEST in a great concealer/foundation

There are a few ways to tackle that delicate undereye area.  The first step is to hydrate.  For some that is an eye cream for others that is a serum or even an eye mask, but either way make sure that area is moisturized.  Once you have done that you need to decide if you are doing a full face of makeup or just a breezy “no makeup – makeup” look.  If the former, I like to put a light layer of concealer on that is a shade lighter than my foundation.  Then when I go in with my foundation I have a brighter area that doesn’t look overdone for day time. 

The more natural, nude look is the choose a color about the same to just a tad lighter than your foundation.  This will cover and conceal without the mask look.  Remember, concealer is developed to be dense for more coverage than your foundation so it will cover darkness and imperfections.  Pro Tip:  Sweep the little bit of concealer that is left on your brush across your eyelid starting at the inner corner to really brighten and act as an eye base.

The final question is always to powder or not to powder.  I find that powder is only necessary if you have oily skin/eyes or if you need to set the look for a photo or event.  Be light handed across the board on this since too many layers will crease and age you.

Voilla!  You are concealed – no red lipstick necessary.  Just remember all those great tutorials are fun to watch and mimic but they aren’t designed for day to day or even for more than that one, well face tuned, photo.  Your face is beautiful – don’t go and cover it up!


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