My Fall Obsession

Contribution from our High School Beauty Junkie

So, I love Halloween and Fall so much and if you couldn’t already tell it’s my favorite time of the year. As a matter of fact, I think I may even like it more than your average person. I love decking out for Halloween parties, carving pumpkins and of course making the classic Pillsbury Halloween cookies as the fall leaves drop outside. Not to mention, nothing is better than driving to school on a cold, crisp morning with a warm chai tea in my hand and my warm, cozy clothes on.

In my opinion, Fall and Halloween are also both amazing times to break out the rich, warm makeup. You know what I mean, the rich and warm fall colors, like golds, reds, oranges and purples. I not only love the colors, but it is also a great time to do Halloween makeup. This month I have been loving two products in particular that will really help get you into the Fall mood. The first product is an eyeshadow palette and the second is a nail polish.

First, the eye shadow palette. The palette that I have recently been loving is the Ilia Essential Shadow Palette in the shade “Luna”. There are four shades that all make an amazing fall look. An elegant, yellow-gold color called “Pyrite”. Then to its right a smoldering gray shade called “Slate”. Under “Pyrite” is “Copper” which is my ideal fall shade. “Copper” is a warm toned, red-gold shade, exactly as the name states, copper. Last, is the color called “Onyx”, this color is a dark gray, and can easily be considered black. Being a teen, I don’t love super dark matte shadows. Although, these each have some shimmer in it which draws my eye to them even more. The shadow’s wear time is also amazing. I wore them to a halloween party this week and they lasted all night. Take it from me, having shadows that aren’t falling off, and making you look like a racoon all night, will definitely allow you to enjoy yourself more without having to worry.

A little switch in the makeup direction, and onto the nail polish. Let me just start by saying, this color is fall in a polish. It’s wearable for any season, but is just a very essential fall winter polish. The nail polish I’ve been obsessing over is the Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in the shade, “Dark Like Me”. This nail color is a nice deep berry color. Now, as I said earlier being a teen I don’t love super dark colors. I was a little taken back at first hence the name, “Dark Like Me”. Let me tell you though, I was wrong. I’m not the most tan person in the world and have always been self conscious of it. Although, this polish doesn’t give me any reason to because it looks amazing on all skin tones. Not only that but I always seem to feel more confident with my nails done. Having my nails done is something that is small but still makes me feel simply put together. It’s even better when the polish you use lasts a long time, like this one does.

Lately, I have finally felt like Fall is making its way here, and I couldn’t be more happy Of course, having fall products always helps to make it that much better. So, it’s time for warm colors, cozy clothes, and fall products to continue creeping in!


Lauren XO (High School Beauty Junkie)


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