Blind Barber

Blind Barber multi imageFor those Gentlemen who haven't had the pleasure, welcome to Blind Barber.  The Original East Villiage shop specialized in great cuts and a secret speakeasy in the back.  No better place to relax, get a cut and follow it up with a craft cocktail.  No longer is it neccessary to hit up one of the shops because now everyone can get their hands on these fantastic, super sleek grooming products.  Don't worry, London Beauty has you men covered - Blind Barber delivered - sans cocktail.  #stayhandsome

“It's not because we don't ‘look good,’ it's more so because we don't ‘feel good,’ and that 30 minutes in the barber chair brings us back to the best version of ourselves," [Jeff] Laub says. "Sure, you get a fresh cut that looks good, but more importantly, it’s about how you think you should look. And even beyond the cut, the security of the shop allows the guests to just speak their mind and really let down any guard they have to have throughout the day. That is why we built Blind Barber. We're not in the look-good business. We're in the feel-good business.”  Jeff Laub, founder, Blind Barber for an interview in Complex Magazine

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