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Art made me who I am:

Lucky Chick Lipstick StackLucky Chick was born when the founder didn’t know how her passions were going to manifest themselves. It was 1999, and she was living in NYC. Putting her art degree to work as a shoe designer, a friend started calling her  ‘Lucky Chick’ because she lived in apartment—Lobby C or ‘LC’.  Liking the idea of Lucky Chick so much, she created a character for herself, including everything she thought represented what a Lucky Chick would look like and gave that girl an imaginary life full of blissful indulgences. Lucky Chick was an escape from what life was at the time, and dreaming of a little luxury.

Lucky Chick color cosmetics celebrates the impact and joy that art in all its forms brings to our lives. Whether bold or natural, jewel-toned or pastel, color rules the day at Lucky Chick and every product invites consumers to embrace and share the Lucky Chick world—a world where art is essential and creativity flourishes on every lip, cheek, and eye. 

At Lucky Chick, we’re passionate about self-expression, and creating the tools for you to treat themselves like a masterpiece. Every Lucky Chick product is a fusion of nourishing, safe ingredients that are gorgeous and good for you. Infused with coffee, rose, jojoba oil and cucumber extracts all of the Lucky Chick products will soothe and hydrate your skin.

Always Free from:

Free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates, and gluten, all Lucky Chick products are made right in New York, and Stephanie formulates and approves each product. Launching with an array of cruelty free and vegan color-punched products for the face including high-shine Lip Lacquers, matching creamy Matte Lipsticks and Glazes in shades ranging from nude to the deepest plum and shimmery Liquid Jewel eye shadows.


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