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Got No Time for That     

I know the feeling.  I look in the mirror, tug at my face and judge it, noticing every new crinkle, blemish, and dark circle.  I stare and question, “are my eyebrows even”, “are my lips full enough”, “are my eyelashes long enough”, it literally goes on and on.  It would be nice to not feel that pressure to somehow measure up.  But then real-life kicks in.  I don’t know about you, but my life doesn’t have time for all the “tips” I see on YouTube and Instagram.  Just recently I saw a clip of the importance of “baking” my eyebrows…baking my eyebrows!!  I literally have less than 10 minutes to myself to get out in the morning and look pulled together.  I absolutely realize there is a time and place for contouring, cut creases, powder baking and color correction.  The thing we all have to realize is that doing all those applications is equivalent to wearing a sequin dress to yoga class.  Super fun but not very practical for every day.  The pressure is real though.  I recently saw a mom, at a sporting event, at 8am in the morning, with a full face - contoured, outlined, false eyelashes, the whole nut.  Every time I see this I want to go give her a hug and say, “you are beautiful, you can sleep in.”  Seriously, that is like 40 extra minutes in the morning that could be spent cozy in bed, sipping a coffee or doing laundry.

Over the years my “must have to go out the door” items have changed a bit but I have found that I can generally pull myself together with 4 easy, no fail products.  I have tried this with other women and girls and the result is the same; a fresh, perky, finished look.  This is exclusive of skincare but honestly in the morning that routine is pretty basic.  The 4 makeup essentials that I would call my desert island must haves are, concealer, mascara, highlighter and a multi-use blush/stick in a skin complementary color.  Here’s how it goes…wake up, slurp coffee, rush around doing nonsense, grab a minute to put on clothes and then this… 

Step 1: Dab some concealer under my eyes and blend with my finger (or if I’m feeling luxurious spread with an Artis #4 brush). Make sure to drag a little across your eyelid to brighten.  Use whatever is left on your finger or the brush. 

I like Ilia’s True Skin Concealer in Chicory.  Keep it something bright but still close to your actual skin tone because you are going to blend it out and not use foundation.  This is also why you need to moisturize morning and night.

Step 2:  Take a cream multi-purpose blush in a neutral color like mauve, dusty rose etc.  Dab and blend a bit on your checks then take a little bit and blend into your crease – yes, your eyelid crease.   Also, hit up your lips.  This is just enough to imply lipstick, without actually using lipstick.  Think, your lips only better! Use your fingers. 

My favorite for this is Rituel de Fille’s Desire but Ilia makes a stick call At Last that is great too.

Step 3:  Grab a highlighter in a soft silver or gold.  Take a finger swipe and blend onto your eyelid between your crease and lashes.  Dab a little bit onto your cheek bone.  Ta da!  Glow. 

I really like Ilia’s multi-stick in Cosmic Dancer.

Step 4:  Finnish with your mascara. 

Here at London Beauty we love Ilia’s clean formula mascara, After Midnight


Bam!  You’re done and out the door.  I’m loathe to say, but this whole routine can also be done in a car mirror.  I’m not advocating driving and "makeup-ing" but in a parking lot, at a long stop light…I’m not judging.  Go get ‘um girl.


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