I'm a Skeptic:  How I fell in love with Ziip Beauty

I’m a skeptic. I also have ridiculous amounts of cosmetics from the latest device to the hottest skincare.  It’s my kryptonite.  So, here I was with Ziip, arguably the coolest device to lift, tighten, correct and generally upgrade my skin.  I had read and seen all the beautiful people in LA using it and getting great results but that was them and this was me: couch sitting, binge watching, overworked, dark eye circles me.  Here is what I discovered.  It completely lives up to the hype.  The caveat? You actually have to do it…regularly.

The Ziip device was designed and launched by celebrity facialist, Melanie Simon and her techie bestie David Mason.  The device itself looks like a chic computer mouse and comes with a gorgeous white bottle of conductive gel infused with gold.   The gel is conductive, so the combination of ingredients like gold or silver, bio-placenta, and dehydrated sea water, combined with the micro current, help to boost the collagen production in your own skin and stimulate your skin deep below the surface tightening and brightening. 

My first attempts were fairly hilarious.  First, you put the gel all over your face and neck or just on the area you are going to work on.  Did I mention that there is an app that allows you to program the device to target specific issues and areas?  It’s brilliant.  After the gel goes on and you fire up the device you put the Ziip, nodes down, on your face.  The first few times I was grateful to have Melanie as my video guide (she has an in-app video to follow).  The sensation was what you would expect – a slight “zing” in certain areas. Everyone is different but I feel it in my neck and jaw, others feel it on their forehead etc.

After doing this 12 min routine – the energizing treatment – for several days over the course of a couple weeks, I started getting compliments on looking rested, or something else along those lines.  It was amazing…and then the fall…I got cocky and stopped using it.  Who knows why but I just got lazy, that is until recently.  I became obsessed with those little lines around my lips.  I was trying everything and then the lightbulb went off.  I remembered that there were other treatments on the device – shorter, targeted treatments. After some digging I found what I was looking for – the vital eyes treatment but applied to your lip area. Boom!  I was back.  Once again, just a few treatments and I’m seeing results.

So, here is what I can say.  This device is game changing but you have to be consistent.  Figure out a way to keep it in your regular rotation. What I did was start putting a reminder in my phone for the 12 minute ritual and leaving the device out next to the chair I like to “Ziip” in for spot treats like my lips.  It takes so little time but delivers such big results, plus I love that my skin feels and looks great no matter what I’m doing.  Yup – Ziip for the win!

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