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You Make Me Blush    

I feel like I can’t stop blushing with all the excitement of our Anniversary, plus that great summer glow that I painstakingly mange with SPF and my favorite multi-stick.  The one thing that makes me feel fresh and bright is that rosy color in my cheeks.  Well that and mascara…and concealer… but I digress.

So, back to blush.  With the end of summer on our heels I thought I would talk about how to keep that summer look going all year long.  More than bronzer, I find that having color in my cheeks makes me look brighter and “glowier” all the time.  I have found that creamy blushes do the best work at blending and giving me that warmth from within look.  Certainly, powders have their place but more and more I’m gravitating toward a multi-stick or creamy pot blush.  The additional upside is it’s less likely to dry my skin out.

Now, you may be thinking… “I put my blush on but it always seems to fade away”.  The answer is actually, quite simple.  Watch old movies?  Remember how Scarlet pinched her cheeks to brighten her face?  Well, when you rub, brush or dab your cheek color on, the same thing is happening.  The color comes up on your cheeks making them look more flushed thus leaving you to put less blush on.  Make sense? To avoid this, put your blush on, go brush your teeth or drink your coffee.  In a few minutes pop back to the mirror.  What will be left is the blush color you applied.  I always need more.  Do a second coat and you are good to go.  I generally know if my cheeks look like I just skied down a mountain then they will simmer down to the flush I want.

Not to mention…  no Eighties blush!  Keep that color on the apples of your cheeks and blend up.  None of this sweeping stripe of color.  Avoid going full 1987 by focusing on blending.  A fresh twist is to dab just a hint on the bridge of your nose.  Especially in these last days of summer it can give you a lovely sun kissed, just back from vacation vibe.

Now that you have the rush to blush – go get glowing.


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