I Mask Therefore I Am

I absolutely love self-care rituals, I read all about them. To be clear, that’s not to say that I am regular about administering them.  I’m busy, like everybody else.  In my mind I can Marie Kondo my house, cook a gourmet meal (from box prep), get my 10,000 steps, and slip my skin ritual in, all without breaking a sweat.   Did you catch that first part?  “in my mind”??  Well, we all know how that works. 

So here I sit, knowing that I need quick, low maintenance ways to keep my skin doing what it does so I can wear less makeup and get out the door faster.  This is where masking comes into play.  I am pretty good about getting my make-up off at night.  (No sleeping in make-up ladies!)  Where I need help is staying exfoliated and hydrated – fighting all those daily little stressors, or wine, that add up to dark circles, fine lines and lack luster skin.  Masks are just the right solution and because masks no longer have to be a messy weekend affair I have tons of choices.

My magic seems to be spot treatments and patches.  Patchology does a great job of giving me lots of choice with low commitment an no mess. There is one for my lips when they feel flat and dehydrated; groovy undereye patches for those dark circles (wine anybody?); or a full sheet mask to gently exfoliate with lactic acid. There is even a mud mask in sheet mask form – a winner detox for the lazy.  Plus, with my travel schedule I can grab a box of mixed masks and pop it into my carryon but that is another blog.

Now, that is not to say that I don’t occasionally carve out time to do a real treatment.  There is a legit reason to keep moments of deeper skin rituals in your world.  Slowing your pace, kicking out all the noise and locking yourself in the bedroom or bathroom for a half an hour can give you and your skin new perspective.  Plus, you can crack open that new book you forgot dropped to your kindle last month.  The Volcanic Glass mask from Ayuna is as beautiful as it is powerful.  20 minutes and your skin looks like new.  Safe enough for around your eyes or for your whole face it is a powerful restorative and won’t interfere with your reading or phone surfing.  Province Apothecary also has an herbaceous clay mask in dry form that I have mixed with honey, yogurt or plum oil to make a super hero deep treatment custom mask. I can follow these up with a soothing massage from my favorite jade or quartz roller or take it deeper and use my micro-current Ziip device to lift and encourage more skin renewal.

In the end, whether you mask while cleaning your house or take the time to give yourself the full treatment, your skin will thank you.  Remember there are no rules, just play and find what works for you.  Check out a bunch of our masks below and as always feel free to email us, DM us or just pop in for a coffee.

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