Wouldn’t it be Marvelous if all our meltdowns were as brilliant as Mrs. Maisel’s

 I’m not sure if everybody is as obsessed as I am with the award-winning show, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."  If you are, then I think you might completely relate to my desire to meltdown as fabulously as Midge – the main character in the show.  When she is at her most chaotic, she is brilliant, witty, and shinning.  I realize that she is fictional, and I realize that the actress, Rachel Brosnahan, who plays the character, has a fleet of makeup artists, stylists and writers, but just for a second think about how a little makeup and the perfect outfit can create a little happy pocket in the madness.

Is this trite?  Maybe.  But when you are facing darkness isn’t brightness absolutely the answer?  Midge resorts to stunning outfits, roller curled hair, liquid liner and lipstick every time.  She is uptown and downtown and switches it up whenever she feels like it.  Bored housewife? Never!  She revels in her innate ability to shine even when she missteps.  We can do that too.  It’s why I love the beauty industry.  It’s magic in a jar.   A tiny bit of armor that you can touch.  It is a routine that brings a sense of consistency in an inconsistent day.

I know that some go the mat, a workout or yoga class.  Some create a crisp, stiff upper lip persona.  I grab a lipstick – it takes no time and is zero commitment.  Make no mistake, this isn’t my truth or your truth, I’m not living my essential self or any of that.  I am actually doggedly tired of those innocuous phrases.  Truth is truth and I am unabashedly me.  What the idea of beauty represents to me is a little bit of applied joy.  It’s sunlight on a grey day, it’s creativity in a mundane job, it’s taking care of yourself in a way that no one else can and it’s completely unnecessary.  Maybe it’s affordable luxury, maybe it’s the Lipstick Effect or maybe it’s just fun.  Heck, you can’t afford to cry when you’ve spent 30 minutes on perfect eyeliner!

I have gone through tons of change in my life.  Some of it is great, some of it was absolutely horrendous.  Either way I knew if I got up and pulled myself together I could get to the next step and the step after that.  Sometimes just the act of putting on the red lipstick gave me a “take that” attitude that got me to the meeting.  It’s so individual.  I certainly can’t promise that it will work for everyone or even every time.  I also know that sometimes being able to “armor up” just a little makes the world feels a lot less intimidating. 

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