My Ah-ha Moment

We all want that amazing, swingy hair. The stuff of romance heroines and supermodels but I, however, have the unruly hair of the frazzled and everyday woman. Thus was my lot in life – until I tried Philip B. I had spent my life in a battle with my hair, pounding it into submission, coloring it and generally abusing it, but much to my surprise I was attacking it the wrong way. I needed to stop treating it like the enemy and start treating like I did my skin – treat, clean, moisturize, set. And that was it, my ah-ha moment.

I had never really taken it into consideration that I needed to do each of the steps much like I did on my face. It started with the Rejuvenating Oil that, just like the double cleanse we do on our face to hydrate and break up dirt, I did on my hair. I ran it through my hair at night before bed or in the morning before I made my coffee. Then the rest was easy. The clarifying Peppermint Avocado Shampoo in the shower was great at waking me up (the smell is fantastic) and it starts to break up all of the product in my hair. (When I’m really dry I pick the super lux Royal Oud – hello treat to self). Then I follow, as normal with whichever conditioner I need but most of the time it’s the Lightweight Deep Conditioning Cream Rinse. When I’m out of the shower I spritz with the PH Restorative Detangling Mist and off I go! Sometimes I dry, sometimes I do a beach wave thing but that’s for another post. When I’m done my hair feels like silk and because of that magic PH spray I get the same affect wherever I travel no matter what the water is like!

Since I started doing this really simple ritual my hair has been behaving. Maybe not the stuff of a romance novel but as close as I can get without a professional blow out. Plus I get to feel just as great about what I’m putting on my hair as I do on my skin.

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