Blushing portrait

My identity crisis is dark and smoky with a pop of red.

There is always talk of a quarter life or midlife or just life crisis.  I swear I am always looking to be the latest rabble rouser.  I wore black when everyone else was in pastel.  I colored my hair dark when everyone went blonde and I wore Dr. Martens when everyone was in stilettos – my boyfriend hated it.  I spend half my life with a bare face and the other half in full color.  I love being just a wee bit out of step and I almost never act my age.  For an entire year I seriously thought I was 36 when I was actually 34!  And now I can’t even keep track.  The one thing I noticed is that when I am at my most existential, I go bold.  That means black winged eyeliner, red lipstick and a world-weary, (translate: tired), expression.

So... ladies (and gents), don’t shy away from color or from that dark eyeliner or red lippy you’ve been dying to try.  Let’s just break it down.  Red lips... everyone, and yes, I mean everyone, can wear a red lip.  I hear you, I’m too young, I’m too conservative, I have those little lines around my mouth.  Please queen, you’ve got this.  The trick is picking the right red, (look at your favorite lipstick and if it’s warmer go more orange red, if it’s cooler go more blue-red) and then blot.  One thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to bold color on my lips, blotting is my friend.  No need for that out dated liner just get in there and pop it on your lips.  If you want to really get that nice tight line on your lips use a brush or even better the edge of the lipstick.  Once you have the perfect pout, blot.  Seriously, get all up in that with a tissue or blotting paper.  This will help the color hold and stop that drift..  Want more color?  Do it all again.  Resist the lip balm and gloss.  It’s way too high maintenance.  Boom – red lips that looked stained and fierce.

Now, winged liner.  I get it, this is not for everyone or even every day.  This is also a skill set that comes with practice.  I don’t want to diminish the power of a full, Avril Levigne, smoky eye.  It’s actually a go to for me (don’t judge).  But the power that comes with a perfect, winged, liquid line is something to behold.  Here is my advice.  Buy a liquid liner – any one actually – and practice... a ton.  No fear, no regret.  Here is my other bit of advice, work up to the big wing.  Start small.  Always start from your outer corner and draw a tiny flick up.  The outer edge of that flick is what you connect to the top of your lid creating a triangle of sorts.  For a small cat eye, it won’t need much fill in. The bigger the flick up the more of a triangle, therefore the more you need to fill in.  From the top of that flick just keep a nice straight line to the middle of your upper eye lid, tight to your lashes.  After that it’s an easy tight line from your water duct to the line you just created. 

Are you panicking yet?  Not to fear.  If you mess up – grab the Bioderma, clean it all off, put on the red lips and some mascara and roll out like a CEO.  That is the best part of this makeup world, there are zero rules.   Rock who you are at whatever age you are and don’t look back.  Stop trying to imitate or look like someone else, just go get ‘um.  If you like no makeup, makeup – you go girl.  I spend my entire summer doing that blush thing with a touch of concealer and mascara.

Any way you slice it, you’ve got this girl.  I love to uniform up with my red lips but honestly, with confidence comes a certain lack of concern.  Do what you love.  Play in the make-up box, get your skin care going and just be you.  We see you and you are beautiful. 



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