My Rebel Heart 

I like Red lipstick and Black liquid liner. I also like a great, old-fashioned smoky eye. I like to wear standout, rock and roll, step back, don’t mess with me make-up. Now, full confession, I don’t do this every day. I actually go pretty barefaced on a general day but I find that even just a hit of liquid liner, concealer and a hot red lip covers lots of bases. Daytime or nighttime it has served me well.

Enter Reina Rebelde, that’s Rebel Queen, just in case your Spanish is rusty like mine. I met the owner of this cool brand about a year ago and instantly fell in love with her whole vibe not to mention the brand itself. In the company bio the owner says, “years of makeup hoarding later, my collection is equal parts wild and unpredictable, bold and impractical, feminine and luxurious, sexy and severe – in many ways perfectly reflective of my complicated identity…”. Um, hello, have you met me? (Well probably not, but you get the idea.)

She goes on to speak of her identity as Mexican-American and her influences in the Latina community. The colors of the brand are definitely reflective of some seriously beautiful and strong women like Freida Kalo. The wear time on the collection is pro-level and the colors highly pigmented. I also happen to love the packaging.

My rebel heart sighs with happiness when I pop open the Brava lipstick and although I’m not Latina I am a soul sister, fierce, independent, sexy, individual and beautiful.


“Inspired by our collective experience as Reinas Rebelds, I created this collection…to give life to our many dualities…that will take us from glamorous to fierce, aspirational to trailblazing, messy to polished and allow us to unapologetically and authentically share our Reina Rebelde essence to the world.”

Regina Merson

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