Flower and Shadow

My Life in 3 Fragrances

What is your story

My Identity Crisis

Lipstick and Black Eyeliner

Provence Apothecary

Blame Canada

Diary of a High School Beauty Junkie

A Fresh Start with Oil

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Diary of a High School Beauty Junkie

Fall Favorites: Makeup Review

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Odds + Sods

Odds and Sods is our little file cabinet, a place to let our thoughts flow.  Here you will find notes and tidbits about products we love, things we’ve tried, and applications we have learned.  Posts we have previously sent in emails or online can also be found here.  Read, get inspired, feel silly or just glance about.  Consider this our living room - you’re welcome to stay for awhile or just pass through.  If you have some thoughts feel free to share them with me via email to Info@londonbeautyonline.com.

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